Powerplus Auto Additives

Powerplus additives come in 250mL bottles and pricing includes GST.

Super Octane Booster – $27

80Super-Oct-Boost Specially formulated to improve the performance of the engine with the elimination of power robbing knocking and pinging due to low octane fuel. Powerplus SOB is a premium high performance treatment formulation utilising the latest technology to increase the Octane Rating (RON) of petrol fuel by up to 7 units, maximising your engines performance.
Ideal for Remote areas of Australia where high octane fuel is unavailable

• Boosts octane rating by up to 7 (RON) units
• Maximises engine horsepower & performance
• Increases fuel efficiency and power
• Suitable for all grades of petrol
• Can be used in all common 2 & 4 stroke petrol engines
• Stops engine detonation (pinging)
• Catalytic converter, oxygen sensor & E10 safe

250mL bottle will treat 60 litres of fuel.

Super Boost Oil Additive – $65


Powerplus Super Boost Oil Additive (SBOA) is a special totally synthetic formulation designed to aid in drivability of four cycle racing engines.
This product does not contain chlorinated materials and PTFE and is polymeric, exhibiting very low compressibility.
Powerplus SBOA does not cause carbon build up.

• Peak torque should be reached 300 to 500 RPM’s quicker
• The peak horsepower should be reached at 300 to 500 RPM’s higher
• The increase in peak torque and horsepower may be significant
• There should be a drop in engine temperature by 10°C to 22°C because of reduced friction
• Extends engine life
• Engines run quieter and smoother
• Improves fuel consumption

Stop Smoke Treatment – $17


Powerplus Stop Smoke Treatment is a supplement, designed to reduce exhaust smoke due to oil burning. It is especially effective in older engines with worn components and can be used in petrol, LPG and diesel engines.

• Reduces exhaust smoke due to oil burning
• Improves viscosity properties of the oil at high oil temperatures
• Reduces spark plugs fouling
• Boosts cylinder compression
• Seals the gaps between worn engine components
• Improves compression and engine performance
• Compatible with all types of oils
• Will not harm catalytic converters
• Suitable for all petrol, LPG & diesel engines
• Ideal for cars with excessive blue/grey exhaust smoke due to oil burning

Stop Leak – $17

77Stop-LeakPowerplus Stop Leak (SL) is a formulation of additives and base stocks designed to stop leaks in engines. It is also an exceptional additive for worn and older engines, reducing engine noise and oil consumption while raising oil pressure.
Leaking engines are usually older engines. Powerplus SL is not only a leak stopper but also an excellent additive for worn engines.
You can expect less engine noise, higher oil pressure and less oil consumption.
SL reduces annoying oil leaks in all petrol, diesel and LPG engines.  Powerplus SL prevents loses or leaks oil, blue smoke at start-up, take off and deceleration.
Powerplus SL can also be used to reduce oil leaks in gearboxes and differentials (add 50ml per litre of oil).

Octane Boost – $17


Specially formulated to address fuel-related problems experienced with modern petrol powered motor vehicles. Powerplus Octane Boost with VSRP will increase the octane rating of normal unleaded petrol ULP to stop pinging (detonation), while its  detergent additive cleans combustion chamber, inlet valve, carburettor and injection deposits.
Once treated improved performance of the engine can be achieved with the elimination of power robbing knocking and pinging due to low octane fuel.
• Boosts engine performance
• Maximises engine horsepower & performance
• Increases fuel efficiency power
• Upper cylinder lubricant protects against valve seat recession
• Suitable for all grades of petrol
• Can be used in all common 2 & 4 stroke petrol engines
• Catalytic converter, oxygen sensor & E10 safe
• Stops engine detonation  (pinging)
• Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors

250mL bottle will treat 60 litres of fuel.

Fuel Injector and Carby Cleaner – $17


Powerplus Fuel Injector and Carby Cleaner (FICC)  is a  fully synthetic formulation containing an exclusive, patented detergent that helps prevent and remove deposits on carburetors, fuel injectors, and intake valves while minimizing combustion chamber deposit formation. Petrol containing Powerplus FICC meets requirements for engine cleanliness and deposit control when used at the Lowest Additive Concentration (LAC).

• Cleans fuel injectors & carburettors in one tankful
• Cleans intake valve deposits for easier starting
• Safe for catalytic converters & oxygen sensors
• Restores fuel economy
• Improves performance & acceleration
• Reduces environmentally dangerous emissions

Engine Tune and Lifter Free – $17


Powerplus Engine Tune & Lifter Free (ETLF) is safe and effective to use with synthetic and synthetic-blend motor oils.
Powerplus ETLF reduces and prevents valve sticking and clatter by breaking down harmful deposits of carbon and sludge.  Often, valve sticking can be identified by a “ticking” sound coming from the engine compartment when the engine is running.  This ticking sound will increase and decrease with the speed of the engine.
Sludge build-up in newer and older engines can result in lower performance and life expectancy. Powerplus ETLF will prevent sludge build-up from occurring in new engines and removes sludge from older engines.  In newer engines,
It is always good practice to flush the engine prior to oil and filter change with Powerplus Engine Flush this helps rid the system of sludge and carbon build up.

• Remove Carbon particles blocking lifters
• Quietens noisy hydraulic lifters  / cam followers
• Cleans oil galleries in hydraulic lifters
• Removes sludge and soft carbon
• Frees-up sticky lifters
• Will not affect oil viscosity
• Suitable for all petrol, diesel & LPG engines

Engine Flush – $17


Increase operating efficiency and reduce emissions in petrol and diesel engines. Its formula cleans sludge and deposit build-up, promoting reduced oil consumption.
Powerplus Engine Flush (EF) is safe on parts and can be easily disposed of with waste oil.

New engines run more efficiently, but over time they gather harmful deposits that cause power and performance loss. Stop-and-go driving, prolonged idling, short trips that do not allow the engine to reach full operating temperature, towing, the ingestion of air-borne dirt, fuel dilution, water condensation and oxidized oil all can promote sludge build-up in motor oil and transmission fluid. As it settles, sludge clogs narrow oil passages, restricting oil flow to vital parts, especially the upper valve train area.
Deposits in engines accelerate wear, causing power loss and increased fuel consumption.

Powerplus EF features a multi-use formulation that dissolves and disperses sludge, varnish and deposits in engines. Powerful detergents and dispersants provides safe cleaning action. Powerplus EF is compatible with both petroleum and synthetic oils, Petrol or Diesel engines to prepare poorly maintained equipment for installation of new oil. It represents the first step toward restoring neglected equipment to
top-notch performance.

• Helps loosen sticky valves and rings, minimizing blow-by and reducing emissions.
• Helps quiet lifter noise
• Promotes lower operating temperatures through sludge removal
• Removes deposits and sludge for improved efficiency, fuel economy and lower emissions
• Prolongs equipment life
• Compatible with seals and gaskets

Diesel Fuel and Injector Cleaner – $17


Powerplus Diesel Fuel and Injector Cleaner (DFIC) keeps engines clean for higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.
New and highly efficient deposit control additive technology gives excellent injector cleanliness in all types of diesel engines (Direct and indirect injection engines).

•  Less engine noise improved cold start
•  Consistently improved combustion
•  Lower exhaust gas emissions
•  Improved fuel economy
•  Maximum power
•  Longer engine lifetime
•  Increases cetane numbers
•  Increased oxidation stability
•  Enhanced corrosion protection
•  Will not harm aftermarket devices like Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)
•  Reduced foaming tendency
•  Better water shedding
•  Established in the world market and approved by OEMs
•  Environmentally friendly product as proven by European eco-efficiency analysis
•  Suitable for all diesel fuel including bio-diesel.

Complete Fuel System Cleaner – $27


Powerplus Fuel System Cleaner protects the intake system of engines by forming a fluid protective film and thus preventing the formation of deposits. This applies for both Port Fuel Injection and Direct Injection Spark Ignition engines. The cleaner engine system results in better performance, improved combustion and a longer engine life.

Improvement approx. 10% of the energy released by the combustion of the fuel is lost due to internal friction in the engine. Powerplus Complete Fuel System Cleaner is formulated with very effective friction modifiers minimising friction between the piston rings and the cylinder wall, which results in instantaneous fuel economy benefits.

Powerplus Complete Fuel System Cleaner contains a very effective corrosion inhibitor to protect metallic parts from rust formation along the entire fuel supply system.

• Improves fuel consumption
• Cleans fuel filters, injectors, inlet valves & manifolds
• Easier starting
• Smooths idling
• Safe for catalytic converters & oxygen sensors
• Suitable for all conventional engines, direct injected engines (DISI), turbo charged engines, Ethanol based fuel engines and hybrids

Power Steering and Auto Trans Conditioner – $17


Powerplus Power Steering & Auto Trans Conditioner is formulated to help prevent power steering unit leaks. It is a blend of high quality synthetic base oils and additives so that smooth operation can be restored.

•  Prolongs fluid life
•  Reduces small leaks fast
•  Improves fluid oxidation
•  Reduces parts wear and extends equipment life
•  Rejuvenates worn & hardened seals
•  Reduces sluggish operation
•  Reduces noise and chatter
•  Designed for use in both new and older vehicles